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As both a dentist and accountant, Dr. Pat Little brings a unique blend of skill and experience to his presentations which focus on strategies for reducing financial and data security risks. Dr. Little also provides dental transition consulting to help dentists maximize practice value. He integrates his accounting and financial education with over thirty years of varying dental experiences including starting two private practices from “scratch.”

Dr. Pat Little’s presentations focus on strategies for reducing financial and data security risks, practice transitions, as well as topics related to fraud and embezzlement. He is an engaging and entertaining speaker who presents well- informed and technologically up-to-date programs while converting complicated (and sometimes scary) material into “plain English.”


A Secret Pay Raise: How Embezzlers Think and Act

Learn how to recognize the warning signs, characteristics and behaviors of embezzlers. Discover why internal controls may not be as effective as doctors think. Additionally, learn actions doctors need to take beyond internal controls to more effectively managed embezzlement risks. Dr. Little teaches through actual embezzlement case studies that he has personally investigated. Course Description

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Evidence-Based Investing: Improved Performance with Lower Fees

As dental professionals, our goal is to deliver exceptional patient care. One of the ways we accomplish this is by utilizing materials and techniques that have been academically researched and tested. Why not apply the same evidenced-based approach to your investment strategies and financial well-being? This course utilizes current academic research to show why most actively- managed portfolios underperform market averages over time. Course Description

Retirement Planning Strategies: Can You Make Work Optional?

Self-funded and employer-sponsored retirement plans are building blocks to ultimately make work optional. However, many of these plans are highly regulated and can place a heavy administrative burden on an already busy dentist. Compare the types of retirement plans available and how they can benefit the entire dental team. Investing principles, asset allocation and rebalancing strategies are also discussed. Course Description

Financial Planning Fundamentals: From Debt to Retirement and Beyond

For many, the ultimate financial goals are to make work optional and pass a legacy to our heirs. Accomplishing these goals require knowledge, discipline and proper financial planning. This course discusses the basic fundamentals of asset protection, debt management, wealth creation and asset management techniques. Course Description

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