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As both a dentist and accountant, Dr. Pat Little brings a unique blend of skill and experience to his presentations which focus on strategies for reducing financial and data security risks. Dr. Little also provides dental transition consulting to help dentists maximize practice value. He integrates his accounting and financial education with over thirty years of varying dental experiences including starting two private practices from “scratch.”

Dr. Pat Little’s presentations focus on strategies for reducing financial and data security risks, practice transitions, as well as topics related to fraud and embezzlement. He is an engaging and entertaining speaker who presents well- informed and technologically up-to-date programs while converting complicated (and sometimes scary) material into “plain English.”


The Walletectomy: Embezzlement in the Dental Practice

Learn how to recognize important warning signs associated with embezzlement/fraud and understand the characteristics/behaviors of an embezzler. Course Description

Transition Strategies for Building Wealth in a DSO World

Learn the strengths and challenges of the various DSO and private practice models along with advice for creating wealth through private practice by planning and executing various transition strategies. Course Description

hipaa course
HIPAA Compliance, Data Breaches and Identity Theft: Don’t Get Bitten

Learn the steps to achieve and maintain compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and explore the real-world measures that practices must take to protect privacy and data. Course Description

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