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P-LittleToday’s dental practices struggle with openings in the schedule, dysfunctional teams, lack of new patients and limited income. Many dentists worry they’ll be put out of business and will have to work for a corporation.

Dentists just want to treat patients and often don’t know how to run their practices as a business. Successful practices are led by dentists that have stepped into the role of CEO and have the support of teams that are self-motivated and accountable.

As both a former practicing dentist and accountant, Dr. Pat Little brings a unique blend of skill and experience to his presentations which focus on strategies for optimizing practice growth.

Pat began his dental career in private practice shortly after dental school and over the next 30 years launched two successful practices, starting each from “scratch.” After leaving clinical practice due to a cervical vertebrae condition, Pat completed his accounting and general business education. While working with a dental CPA firm, he developed a deep interest in the area of fraud and embezzlement. Pat joined Prosperident as a Senior Fraud Examiner and earned the Certified Fraud Examiner credential. Through Prosperident, Pat conducts embezzlement examinations on behalf of dentists and advises them on matters related to fraud and embezzlement. While maintaining his close relationship with Prosperident, Pat joined Dental Team Performance where he works with dentists and their teams in identifying key production drivers and optimizing practice performance.

Pat is an engaging and entertaining speaker who presents well-informed and technologically up-to-date presentations while converting complicated (and sometimes scary) material into “plain English.”


Pat Little, DDS